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About Us

As a family business we care about our environment now and how we can help to create a more sustainable future. This is why we have started ‘One Little Company’. We are passionate about our environment and looking at sourcing products that share in our values to show people that there is an alternative and encourage them to make a better choice.

Our commitment to this cause began when we saw first-hand the damage that every day ‘throw-away’ products were doing to the world we live in. We were shocked at the waste on beaches, in rivers and in the beautiful countryside around us together with the damage this was doing to all of the wildlife we share this planet with. We knew we had to do something to reverse the cycle of simply throwing stuff away and not caring about the consequences. We wanted to find alternative options and show others that we could change habits little by little to bring about a positive reaction and look after our planet and its natural resources.

We do not believe in waste, so we are actively sourcing natural, eco-friendly products that either create less waste or are from recycled materials making use of people’s everyday throw-away items. We love reusable, biodegradable and compostable items!

We want our customers to feel good about their own choices when it comes to shopping. To help them make the choices they feel are right, we have sourced and bought together products that hold the natural, eco-friendly credentials we know are important to you as our customers.

Our Mission

To inspire positive change about our choices & to provide our customers a range of products that are the highest quality whilst being environmentally friendly. We strive to empower our customers with the knowledge necessary to make a positive impact on the planet through the products they choose.

Our Vision

‘Small Changes can make a big difference’. If our little company can encourage a wiser choice with the products people buy then we will be doing our bit to encourage a cultural change in people towards products which look after our environment or give waste products a second life.

Our Values

Responsible products that do not leave a footprint are at the core of our values and the reason that we exist. As we build our team we want everyone to know that their input is valued and we want everyone to be proud of the company that they work for.

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