Toiletries For Veganuary

By Adrankone

If you are planning on observing Veganuary in January then you should think about whether you need to go to an online vegan shop in order to get your toiletries.

Cruelty-free brands have been around for years as many people, though not vegans, consider testing products on animals to be unnecessary and harmful.

If you are considering doing Veganuary for both animal cruelty and environmental reasons you may want to consider going plastic free as well, or at least not buying any new eco-friendly products.

If that is the case consider the following products:

White Rabbit Skin Care

We stock the White Rabbit Skin Care range which is not only cruelty-free but also includes a donation to the ME society.

It contains only natural ingredients, and no petrochemicals. If you need to restock your day cream, night cream, eye cream, toner or cleansing water then head over to our website.

Shampoo and conditioner bars

Making the switch to shampoo and conditioner bars is a great way to reduce your plastic consumption and there are a great range of cruelty-free bars out there.

Try our range of shampoo bars from Cosy Cottage Soaps which contain no SLS unlike many on the high street. They are also suitable for vegans and palm oil free, which is important to many vegans.

Bar soap

Last but not least, and one of the simplest switches you can make, switch from liquid hand soap and use a bar of soap. We have a range of bar soaps, and our Cosy Cottage hemp and patchouli soap is great for people with skin problems.