How To Look After Your Garden This Winter

By Adrankone

Now that we’re well into winter, it can be tempting to hole up inside and let your outdoor space get a little overgrown. But there are a few jobs you should do this winter to keep your garden in good condition.

Ideal Home recently highlighted some of the top winter gardening tasks that you should be keeping on top of.

At the top of the list is protecting your plants. If you have any that aren’t hardy enough to survive cold weather and frosts, put them in pots and bring them indoors to ride out the winter weather. You can keep them in your shed, or another top tip is to wrap them in bubble wrap to help protect their roots against frost.

If you’ve got small trees or shrubs that need to stay out for the winter but that look a bit fragile, make sure you support them with some well-placed sticks and twine to help them withstand any strong winds.

You can also add mulch to your flower beds to help insulate the plants that are staying outdoors for the whole of the winter.

Make sure you don’t forget about the wildlife too. Keep your bird feeders topped up and make sure there’s a bird bath where they can get a drink. Consider adding a bug hotel to your outdoor space if you don’t already have one too.

If you’ve got a gardener in your life, you could give them a helping hand this winter by getting them eco friendly garden products for Christmas this year.

One thing to avoid in your garden is a leaf blower. Even though you may want to keep your paths clear of debris, you should do so with a rake.

Last month, the German government warned that leaf blowers should be avoided as much as possible, because they are highly polluting and likely to be contributing to the ‘insect armageddon’ that is threatening life on earth.