Can Your Wrapping Paper Be Recycled?

By Adrankone

Most people love seeing the faces of their family and friends as they tear open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. However, with each household going through four rolls of wrapping paper on average, this amounts of an awful lot of rubbish, particularly if it is not recyclable.

According to GWP Group, Brits will use the equivalent of 365,321 kilometres of wrapping paper each Christmas, and as much as 83 square kilometres will end up in waste bins going to landfill as they cannot be recycled.

This is because a lot of wrapping papers are not easily re-used, and even those that can might be put in black bins, as consumers are left confused about the rules of disposing it.

Recycle Now has given the public some advice on recycling wrapping paper to help, firstly telling them to check with their local collection centre as many councils have different rules regarding accepting wrapping paper.

For instance, some local authorities do not take products that have been dyed, laminated, or contain other items, such as glitter or plastics. They might also refuse wrapping paper that is too thin, as it does not have enough good-quality fibres for recycling, while they are not likely to take wrapping paper that still has sticky tape attached to it.

The organisation reminded present-givers to remove any bows, ribbons and sticky tape before putting it in their recycling box. It also said wrapping paper that scrunches is likely to be accepted for recycling, while those that do not will be refused.

An eco-friendly option could be to get brown paper and decorate it with Christmas-themed stamps, or cookie cutters dipped in paint. It will not only look great, but be totally unique!

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