How to have an Eco Christmas with One Little Company

By One Little Blogger

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Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the planet. With a little imagination you can have all the festive fun without the footprint.

If you, like us, are dreaming of a greener Christmas, you might be surprised at how easy that can be with the help of our top tips and ideas. From making your own decorations to donating to your local foodbank, you could make a real difference to your local environment and community with just a few simple changes.

Here are our tips for “One Little” festive fun without the footprint.

Use less, recycle more; Recycle your Christmas tree

Whether you choose a 6-foot spruce or a fragrant fir, make sure you dispose of your tree in a way that’s kind to the environment. Your local council should chip your tree and turn it into compost so check to see if they will collect yours (It’s usually the first garden recycling day after New Years). Or if you’ve got a tree with roots, why not plant it outdoors and enjoy it all year round?

Minimise your eco Christmas food waste

At One Little Company (in the home), food trimmings that can’t be used are composted and returned to the soil. Like us, buy only what you need, compost or make stock with your vegetable peelings, be creative with leftovers, and if you’ve bought too much, give what’s spare to a food bank.

Make your own eco Christmas decorations

Why not try decorating your home for Christmas without a trip to the shops? Try making your own paper chains with used wrapping paper and carol song sheets, or pick up a handful of pine cones from your local woodland. For a fragrant addition to your decorations, bake slices of oranges studded with cloves on a low heat for four hours, leave to cool and fasten to your tree with red ribbon.

Give something back this Christmas; Volunteer

For an alternative approach to giving this season, donate your time to a cause you care about. Volunteering is an excellent antidote to Christmas spending – a chance to escape the high street, make new friends and help others.

Shop greener; Save Christmas plastic and paper

If you’re throwing a party, try not to buy disposable plates and cutlery. Instead, ask each guest to bring crockery with them – and take turns doing the washing up. When it comes to wrapping paper, go for a recycled variety, or simply wrap your presents in brown paper and a reusable ribbon. Your gifts will look festive and authentic and you’ll save money too.

Buy local this Christmas

We love sustainably produced, local and seasonal food because it’s better for the planet and tastes better. If you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint this Christmas, try stopping by your local farm shop or your local farmer’s market. Here you’ll find small-scale producers selling some of the best food on offer.

Explore the outdoors; Go on an eco-Christmas winter walk

Whether you’re celebrating with family or looking to meet new people, there are plenty of fun things to do over Christmas that have a minimal cost to you and the environment. Blow away the cobwebs on a blustery coastal hike or pop to your local forest location for a mystical wander through.

Leave the car behind this Christmas

Travel smarter by sharing lifts and, where possible, using public transport. Cycling isn’t only good for the planet, it’s great for your health too. If you’re making a short journey, consider going by bike – just be sure to remember reflective clothing and lights.

Original article inspo from the National Trust here