More Little Steps that YOU Can Make this Week to be More Eco Friendly at Home

By One Little Blogger

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We think that little eco steps are the way to go and are much more manageable on the road to eco-friendly living and doing your part. You may have seen our last blog post detailing just that. Well guess what? We weren’t done with the steps; there are more ideas. So here you go, here are 3 more for you to digest… So grab a cuppa, and enjoy.

Saving fuel and increasing your MPG

This one is an oldie, but a goodie. It will save you money too. It’s to do with driving style and the weight of your car.

So firstly, when driving try and stick to the highest gear possible for the road and speed conditions that you are doing and secondly keep a smooth foot on the gas going. Try to avoid hard braking so much and slow down using your clutch / gears (being aware of who is behind you if you do need the brake lights to come on!), again suited to the road conditions.

Keep your car’s weight to a minimum too. Remove roof racks when not in use, take out child car seats when not in use and tool boxes etc. It saves pennies, but means that you need to fill up less often. Ask your local car dealership for more advice on this.

Walking to more places

This one will get you healthy… Do you really need to use the car to go to the local post office or corner shop? What about the school run? Would it be convenient to walk to these places? If it’s less than 2 miles then it should take you about 40 minutes in the fresh air and you might lose a few tummy pounds too. Leaving the car on the drive means less fossil fuels used and your car will last longer.

Recycling at home

Check with your local council on what you can and can’t put in the green recycling bin. Can you make it an aim in your household to recycle more than you throw away in the black bin?

You may be surprised what you can and can’t recycle; and make an effort to recycle everything that you can. It will soon become normal.

Remember to wash out recyclable items and don’t put anything too small in there as it can get chewed up by the sorting machines.