Little Steps that YOU Can Make Today to be More Eco Friendly

By One Little Blogger

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We are really going back to basics with this one, and sometimes that’s what it takes, to take stock. Some of these steps have been in place for years and others take a little getting used and slightly adapting your lifestyle and routine. I know that I’ve certainly gotten used to a doing a few things differently over the years. Either way they work and don’t cost much.

So, how many from the below are you doing already and better still, how can we help you to achieve more? Let us know.

Reusable bags at the supermarket

This is a really simple one and has been in place for a while, more so is the trend since the 5p charge for single use plastic carrier bags. But purchasing and then reusing “bags for life” and for your supermarket shop really helps. There are specific freezer and bottles options too. You also have foldable shopping bags which can stay in your handbag for more on the go purchases. Keep supermarket bags for life in the boot of the car so that you don’t forget them when you shop.

Reusable loose fruit and veg bags

Pretty much the same as above, but these are a certainly thing now. You can bung them in the washing machine (wash at 30 degrees eco by the way!) between uses and they last for ages. Much better than those pesky plastic fantastic single use flimsy things which I could never open anyway!

Reusable coffee cup

This one is stylish as well as practical. Reusable are much better than the throw away ones and most can’t be recycled. Keep yours clean in between uses and to be fair it actually encourages you to bring coffee from home (which saves you money each time). But if you do present your coffee cup (that you can use again and again) in Starbucks for example, they give you 25p off of your drink. Bargain!

Saying no to plastic bottles and carrying your own

The same as the coffee cup principle and this one really does save money as you can fill up from the tap at home (or Brita Water Filter). There are now many refill stations for water out and about, and I know that my local coffee shop will fill up water bottles too (if you ask nicely). Tap water is the way forward! There’s also a little theory that you will drink more water if it’s in a nice bottle, so you get healthy too!

And lastly for now… Picking up more glass packaging from the supermarket

There are loads of options for saving on packaging (we should know as we’ve built most of our business around this!), but one step you can take which doesn’t cost a penny or take any effort is to pick the glass option for products when shopping e.g. ketchup, mayo, cheesecake and bottled coke. In my opinion they taste better from the glass and there are more successful glass recycling facilities in local councils than plastic.

So, how many of these are you already doing – Did you have a think as you read down? Let us know by contacting the website.