How your home or office business can be more Eco Friendly

By One Little Blogger

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a hot topic and more so for business. We need to be doing our part at home and in business too. We have looked at a few ways in which you can make your home business or office-based business (job) eco-friendlier. Every little helps; and it’s the small things that count!

Why not go Paperless to become more eco friendly?

When considered as a whole, businesses typically use a lot of paper, which may or may not be necessary when you weigh up the usage. Wherever possible, switching to recycled paper products, or cutting (get it!) out on paper entirely may be a good idea.

Ask yourself if you really need physical copies of the printouts and documents. If they’re not essential, keep those files digital.

Check whether you can recycle the paper you’re using. There are also steps you can take in the to affirm the eco-friendly process; such as removing paper trays from desks and placing recycled paper into circulation.

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Get eco smarter with electricity and don’t leave everything on standby mode

It can seem like a nuisance when somebody keeps turning everything off at the plug, but did you know that equipment can still be draining energy even when they’re not in use if they’re left plugged into a live socket? So do the environment a favour and break the habit of leaving everything on standby. (The Solar Centre says the average business could save £30 a year doing this too.)

Switch to LED Lighting Or, solar-powered sensor lights could be a great eco-friendly addition.

Consider solar; Getting solar panels for your business can be good news for the planet, by helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions, and your business energy bills. As The Solar Centre highlights: ‘While there’s a huge initial cost to install solar panels, you can save about £800 a year once installation’s been completed’. Maybe more!

Get eco friendly handy in your business

Does your business tend to automatically chuck things away if they stop working or break, and get an upgrade? It’s always worth considering whether it’s fixable first. Learn how to repair things or ask an expert. People too often throw items out when a simple fix is all that’s needed.

Wage the war on plastic bottles in your business

And finally… ditch the fridge full of plastic hospitality bottles… The fight against throw-away plastic water bottles continues. You can still impress your clients with that fresh taste though by investing in a BRITA filter. Simply fill with tap water, let the filter work its magic, and you’d never know the difference.

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