Switching back to retro soap bars and why we are doing it…

By One Little Blogger

switching back retro soap bars plastic free

Yep, you read that right… the humble soap bar is making a comeback! We’ve also got shampoo and conditioner bars (roundels) making it into the mix too! Going are the days of the less than eco-friendly plastic soap bottle pumps and their non-recyclable single use plastic bottles in favour of soap dishes and beauty bars; all reusable and actually cheaper for you in the long run too.

Shoppers around the globe spent £68.3m on bars of soap in the year to September 2018, up £2m on the year before.

Soap bars, once thought to be unhygienic, in favour of their dispensable plastic fantastic counterparts, are actually not. The bar is clean.

As you know from shopping at One Little Company we are always looking for more eco-friendly versions of our favourite everyday items.

There has been a huge backlash against plastic waste as consumers become more socially responsible and reduce consumption from all areas ranging from skincare and cosmetics through to food and clothing packaging.

switching back retro soap bars plastic free

We absolutely adore our range of body and beauty soaps on the OLC website. Handmade and featuring natural and vegan ingredients. They are palm oil, SLS and plastic free.

We even do one for the dog! And we’ve just had a new range of shaving soaps in too! Our range is growing and we are really pleased to be doing our part based on our product research.

Using a shampoo / conditioner soap bar (roundel) is no different to using a liquid one (for those of you who have been asking). You just need to get a good lather on your hands before applying to your hair. You can also rub the bar directly on the scalp as needed. And we reckon that you’ll get the hang of it in no time!

Keep your eco soap bars in dishes to stop any mess in the bathroom, but you can obviously use the soap dishes again and again too.

The bars actually last a lot longer like for like against plastic bottle liquid shampoo (We can get over 15 applications out of our conditioner roundel). You’ll never go back!

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