Going on Holiday? Travel with your Soap Bars wrapped in Bee’s Wax Wrap

By One Little Blogger

Both at home and on the go, we prefer a bar of soap (and a shampoo bar!) to the excess packaging of liquid soaps and shampoo and we think that summer holiday time should be plastic free too, that’s why we recommend using Bee’s Wrap to wrap up your eco toiletry essentials.

Wrap your bar of soap or shampoo bar in a small sheet of Bee’s Wrap to contain any slippery suds and drips. Likewise, wrapping a bamboo toothbrush in Bee’s Wrap keeps it clean in your holiday toiletry kit.

The good thing is that wrapped up in this way, the bars will take up next to no room in your luggage. You can travel light and care free!

And what about these uses once you have your Bee’s Wrap pack of wax wraps on holiday?

Lost the box to Uno? Wrap that deck of cards.

A child favourite in many households and others, wax wraps are great for keeping playing cards and Uno sets together. Great for travelling without the bulk. Card boxes have a habit of tearing and falling apart when subject to the wear and tear of children’s play, but wax wraps are sturdy enough to be used over and over again.

If you go to the market on holiday – Use the wrap to wrap up a bouquet of flowers instead of using the paper or plastic which is usually provided.

If you love flowers but don’t love tape your florist uses to wrap your stems, bring along an extra-large wrap to wrap up your bouquet. Not only is it great for the environment to reduce waste, but wax wraps also come in many designs, pretty enough to turn any bouquet into a giftable flower arrangement or wonderful holiday accessory.

Wrap loaves of bread or goodies from your holiday bakery instead of using a paper bag.

If your holiday bakery uses plastic wrapping, you can bring your own wax wraps from your holiday home to cut down on holiday waste even more. Use small sizes to wrap buns or pastries or pack the largest size Bee’s Wrap to use with a whole loaf of bread.

Original article here: https://www.beeswrap.com/blogs/news/the-bees-wrap-guide-to-camping