Plastic Free Eco Spring Clean!

By One Little Blogger

With spring in the air and a spring in your step, it’ll be time for that ultimate spring time clean!

Spring cleaning however, can always feel daunting, but you know it’s worth it!

Sure, you’ll spend a few days working hard to clear out the last year’s dust, clutter and whatever else you find. But, in the end, you get to step back and admire your work. It’s the best feeling! At least, it should be.

But when you look at the mountain of dirty paper towels soaked in chemical-based cleaning solution, you might start to feel less excited about what you’ve accomplished. But fear not! We’ve a solution for your spring clean, where you can get your house in tip top shape without causing the earth any harm.

So out with the old and in with the new! And why not try some of our useful tips to embrace a eco-friendlier cleaning routine!

1. Reuse old bottles with A plastic free cleaning sachets

Check out our new range by Iron and Velvet– floor cleaners, surface cleaner, glass cleaner, antibacterial surface cleaner & multi surface cleaners are all ready for you to get your hands on

A plastic-free, no fuss alternative to household cleaning, these water-soluble sachets are ideal for those seeking a nature friendly and zero waste solution.

Made from naturally derived plant extracts and materials, including pure essential oils wherever possible.  Seriously with these amazing scent combinations such as coconut and lime, orange and ginger, and fragrant ylang ylang they could prove a little hard to resist! 

This box includes a set of water-soluble concentrate sachets, ready to dilute with water in a reused spray bottle or glass jar

A clever and innovative way to reduce plastic and unnecessary waste, while still using super-efficient cleaners in the home.


Not only can you buy eco-friendly cleaning products from us, but you can even make your own from ingredients you can find in your kitchen.

There is not much you cannot clean with ingredients such as lemon juice, water, vinegar, and baking soda. Add in a few drops of an essential oil of your choice, and you are good to go!


Vinegar is a truly a wonderful product, and you’ll find that it can replace many of your household cleaners. Try using some with a bit of recycled newspaper instead of Windex to clean glass and mirrors or replace your rinse agent with vinegar in your dishwasher. You can also mix vinegar and water in equal parts to make an all-purpose floor mopping solution.


Stubborn mold and mildew in your bathroom might tempt you to break out a harsh cleaning spray, but you can dislodge it with a few squirts of vinegar instead. Just let it soak for a few hours to kill the mold and then scrub it away. If that doesn’t work, try making a paste of baking soda in a bit of water and apply it to affected areas to use as a gentle abrasive.


If you have chrome or stainless steel in your kitchen, keep it shiny and spotless with lemon and a bit of salt or baking soda. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the exposed fruit with salt, then use it as a scouring pad to polish metal. After a quick rinse and buffing with a soft cloth, your fixtures will look good as new.

Once you start replacing your household cleaners with eco-friendly options, you won’t want to stop! Just about all of your homemade solutions will be cheaper than buying a fancy store brand of cleanser, and it’s better for the planet, too. Give these a try next time you’re ready to freshen up your home to see what a difference a little eco-ingenuity can make.


In addition to being an effective abrasive for mold removal, baking soda can also super-charge your dish soap to scrub baked-on residue away from your pots and pans. You can also use it for its odour-absorbing properties. The classic example is keeping a box in your fridge, but you can also sprinkle baking soda into carpets to keep them fresh — just be sure to vacuum up the excess the next day.


You can quit your air freshener habit — and reduce the number of chemicals in your home — by switching to stovetop potpourri instead. These delightful room fresheners are made with aromatic foodstuffs like apples, citrus, cinnamon sticks, cloves and other wonderful spices. Just cut your favourite fruit into large chunks, add a handful of whole spices and add water so you can keep it simmering on the stove to release its aroma.


Quit your paper towel and Swiffer habits by using washable, reusable cloth squares instead. Cloth nappies make an excellent dust rag, as do old t-shirts cut into large squares.

You can even fashion an old towel or washcloth into a reusable Swiffer cover to keep items out of the landfill as you go about your daily dusting chores.

You can also kiss goodbye to paper towels and disposable wipes, instead replacing them with unpaper towels such as these from Marley’s Monsters.

Top quality and made to last, they come in an assortment of designs and can even be used outside of the house on picnics, in packed lunches, or even just packed in your bag for emergencies.

What about our washable sponge, duster, pre-rolled unpaper towel set range available here– crafted from 100% cotton, these eco-alternatives are reusable and completely plastic free. Long lasting and totally sustainable, they make a great alternative and are surprisingly easy to keep clean and fresh.

9.Reuse and repurpose

When coming across items such as old toothbrushes, socks with holes, and old towels, don’t just throw them away- repurpose them instead. Mops, dusters, cloths, and other spring-cleaning utensils can be crafted from items that would have just ended up in the bin.

10. Liberate your laundry

A change in the seasons means a change in bedding and clothing. Digging out bags of musty summer clothes and cotton sheets that haven’t seen the light of day since September usually requires a marathon freshening session. But you don’t need to rely on chemical products to get your summer wardrobe in order, instead there are lots of great natural options that you can use to liberate your laundry, all year round.

Soapnuts by Living Naturally

Soap nuts are a great alternative to powder and liquid detergents, as they are gentle on your skin and clothes whilst getting the job done when it comes to cleanliness. They are completely natural and contain no additives whatsoever, instead producing a natural soap called saponin. Just pop them in a muslin bag, throw them in the machine with your laundry, and get ready to be impressed.

Vegan and biodegradable stain remove

We also have our Organic Soapnut Castile Soap which is a fantastic multi-use liquid soap which can be used for washing: laundry, dishes, veggies, pets & floors as well as face, hands and body!