Switching to Soap, Shampoo or Shaving Bars!

By One Little Blogger
Natural Soaps

I started to look at the plastic consumption in my bathroom and realised how much I was contributing to plastic bottle waste.

Our plastic consumption is a really big deal at the moment. Our news feeds are inundated with pictures of how plastic is impacting on our planet and wildlife so I wanted to share some tangible ways you could help at home. 

Whilst the government and supermarkets take their time to find low cost ways to reduce their plastic production, we could be waiting a very long time for packaging to change so we must take our own action. 

I have now tried & tested some amazing organic, vegan and natural soap bars & guess what… they are worth the switch. This was by far the easiest decision I have made and I haven’t looked back. 

So what are the benefits of swapping?

1. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars are package free!

Having a plastic free shampoo, shaving or soap bar is by far the number one reason to make the switch.  These little pucks don’t require packaging, so they are much better for the environment than their bottled counterparts. 

Lots of wonderful people out there are creating amazing natural & organic soaps for multiple purposes : shampoo, body wash, face wash, shaving soaps & much more.


2. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars are very concentrated and more natural!

The bars are more concentrated than traditional shampoos and conditioners, so you can use less per application and they will last longer.

My family and I have been using the bars exclusively for almost a year now. The bar we use on our kids lasted for almost a year! Me and Dean tend to go through the bars a bit faster (maybe every three months or so), but nevertheless, we find the bars last much longer than a regular 8-ounce bottle.

Why do they last longer?

Take a look at a bottle of products in your shower or on the shelves in stores and the first ingredient you will see is water.

This explains why you typically need a healthy dollop of product to get the performance you want. It’s true, most bottles recommend only using a dime or quarter sized amount, but how many of us tend to use quite a bit more than that?

With the bars, it’s a lot more difficult to use too much, especially when you are applying the bars directly to your head, body or face.

With the bars, you will find they suds up right away, so you’re able to tell pretty quickly when you’ve reached your desired lather.   This helps extend the life of the product and to prevent over-application. 

3. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars are great for travel!

The Soap, Shampoo and Shaving bars are great to travel with as you don’t have to worry about any potential for spillage or liquid restrictions.

The bars are perfect for carry on as not only are they small and lightweight, they are TSA approved, which means you don’t have to plan your packing around your products! And best of all, they help prevent using the individual-sized shampoos and conditioners at your hotel, which goes back to point #1 about reducing packaging waste.

4. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars are space savers!

These little but effective bars are great for saving space. Being much smaller and more lightweight than their bottled counterparts relative. The number of washings you can get from the same amount of product, shampoo, soap and shaving bars help you save space.

This comes in handy in a variety of situations, from keeping your bathroom cabinets decluttered, to packing for an upcoming camping trip!  

5. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars showcase minimalism at its finest!

The bars help create a minimalist aesthetic in your shower/bathroom by reducing the cluttered look of bottles.

I don’t know about you, but I have an aversion to the look of bottles and their labels as I find most of them aren’t very attractive. I like to keep things looking neutral, so I used to buy bottles of shampoo not just for their performance, but because the packaging wouldn’t be intrusive or ‘clash’ with my bathroom decor.

6. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars offer a low carbon footprint!

With the bars, I put them on a beautiful soap dish (with drainage!!): I have a set of bars on a dish for myself and Dean, right beside our solid bars of soap. This has significantly reduced the amount of clutter in the shower, and with less stuff, not only does it look better, it’s easier to clean! Win win! 

The overall carbon footprint is less with shampoo, soap and shaving bars. As mentioned, these solid bars are more lightweight and compact than their bottled counterparts, so they require less space during transport relative to the same amount of washes with liquid shampoo.

Roughly ten to fifteen transport trucks of liquid shampoo would be needed for one transport truck of solid shampoo bars to get the same number of washes!

Natural Shaving Soap

7. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars are multi-purpose!

Shampoo bars can also be used for other purposes like washing your body, your pets in a pinch or your clothes while or camping or travelling! 

8. Shampoo, soap and shaving bars leave hair, body & face feeling fresh & clean!

Did you know that the skin absorbs almost 5lbs of cosmetics during its lifetime!

These bars are a great way to escape the barrage of chemicals used in your standard off-the-shelf products. You’ll be dodging highly controversial parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), tricoslan, phthalates and ingredients like palm oil.

We have a great range of natural shampoo, soap and shaving bars to choose from, which are made with all-natural ingredients and comes with NO plastic packaging.

You can find them all easily https://www.onelittlecompany.com/product-category/health-beauty/soaps-shampoo-shaving-bars/

With so many benefits:

  • They can last longer than a bottle.
  • They don’t dry the skin.
  • Cheaper or similar prices.
  • No plastic packaging.
  • No harsh chemicals.
  • No artificial colours & smells.
  • All natural ingredients.
Aloe Vera Natural Soap

I challenge you to not replenish your bottles in your bathroom once they have come to an end but try some soap bars. By switching just your shampoo & body wash you could be saving 18 bottles a year from landfill.

Natural Shampoo Bar